Andrei Sandulescu

Scrum expert and PHP developer
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    My name is Andrei Sandulescu and I work in IT as a web developer since 2009. I'm a web developer specialized in Agile Scrum, PHP, AXAJ and Web services (REST, SOAP and RPC).

    A few words

    I started web development out of pure passion without any prior knowledge or training. As time passed by I worked for various companies ranging from startups to middle sized and corporations. I also worked with various back end technologies (PHP frameworks) and some front end technologies (jQuery, AJAX, HTML and CSS).

  2. Resume

    My Resume

    Professional Scrum master (PSM I), Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO I) and Zend Engineer (PHP 5.3 and Zend Framework)


    Technical Skills

    Back end development: PHP, REST, RPC, SOAP, Laravel, Zend Framework, Symfony, Yii, Apache, Nginx, Vagrant and Linux.

    Front end development: jQuery, AJAX, HTML and CSS.

    Web Services (REST, RPC and SOAP)

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    Education and Courses

    The Faculty of Horticulture - U.S.A.M.V.B. 2010
    Design patterns course - Mosaic works 2014
    Algorithms creation course - Accedio 2015


    Code quality - unit tests - Avangate 2015
    MySQL Tech Tour (3rd edition) - Oracle 2015

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    Some of the companies I worked for

    My services included

    PHP programming
    GUI creation
    Application deployment
  3. Portfolio


    Here are some of the projects I have been involved with


    2Checkout API

    Since March 2019 I am involved with 2Checkout. I am maintaining and improving the public APIs (REST, SOAP and RPC) of the company in an Agile environment.

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    Twispay REST API

    In 2016-2019 I had been involved with Twispay. I maintained and improved the public REST API of the company which is a payment system.

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    Dacodasoft a.k.a Bursa Transport

    In 2013 I was involved with Dacodasoft, also caled Bursa Transport. It is a freight exchange company.

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    This is my favourite personal project because it is the most complicated. It is built using Laravel and under the hood queries an entire API and updates products.

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